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We are happy that you have discovered our web-site. Perhaps someday soon we will have the pleasure to welcome you in person on a visit to East Central Minnesota. FPC exudes the friendliness you will find among rural Minnesotans. We also hope you will find us to be a people who love the Lord, love his Word, love his church, and love to serve him - all of these things because he first loved us. We are not a perfect people by any stretch. But, by His grace he has called us from our sinful ways, saved us by the blood of Christ, and formed us into a community of believers to glorify His name. We are committed to the authority of the Scriptures, the verities of the Reformed faith, and the Great Commission.

Hinckley is "small town" America situated just off Interstate 35 between Duluth and the Twin Cities - about 75
miles from each. East Central Minnesota is a prime location for all sorts of outdoor activities which attract many
weekenders and vacationers. If you expect to be in the area on a weekend, we would love to have you worship
with us. Let us know you are coming, or just drop in. We are located one mile East of Interstate 35, exit 183 on
the North side of the road, right across the street from the Grand Hinckley Inn.




8:45 AM Sunday School
10:00 AM Morning Worship Service
(Nursery Provided)
11:15 AM Coffee Fellowship

6:30 PM Evening Bible Study

Communion Service offered the
First Sunday of the Month.

(an average of 3.25 chapters per day).

By January 31st you should have
completed Leviticus 11

By Feb. 29th - Joshua 5

By Mar. 31st - 1Kings 5

By April 30th - 2 Chronicles 25

By May 31st - Psalm 13

By June 30th - Psalm 111
By July 31st - Isaiah 12

By Aug. 31st - Jeremiah 48

By Sept. 30th - Jonah 2

By Oct. 31st - Luke 19

By Nov. 30th - 2 Corinthians 13

By Dec. 31st - Revelation 22










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Mailing Address: First Presbyterian Church (PCA) • PO Box 157 • Hinckley, MN 55037-0157

Location Address: 1813 Fire Monument Road • Hinckley, MN    (320) 384-6440